SPRX.taxTurboTax for the R&D Tax Credit

How It Works

SPRX.tax technology gets your credit done in three easy steps

Your Part

Load Data

SPRX.tax's Intelligent Imports and Payroll Connect technologies ingests data directly from any source and makes that data useable by the tax professional.

Validate Predictions

Validate the SPRX.tax A.I predictions for resonableness and accuracy using our Rapid Review and Comprehensive Surveying technologies.

Generate Reports

The SPRX.tax software automatically generates all federal and state credit forms in their final, and ready to file state.
Our Part

SPRX.tax A.I.

Our A.I. has been trained using thousands of data points including IRS audit results, court cases, and legal precedent. This allows our technology to make qualified time predictions that align with human analysis over 96% of the time!

SPRX.tax Experts

SPRX.tax software allows users to compute their R&D credit their own way. However, if you have a question or wants some help, our experts are ready and waiting to help!

Explore the Possibilities!


Based on your success

Refreshingly simple and transparent


5%of total credits

Your team will manage nearly all of the R&D Credit process. SPRX.tax professionals will provide basic system support.


Most popular

10%of total credits

Your team and the SPRX.tax team will work collaboratively throughout the R&D Credit process. SPRX.tax professionals will be available to answer tax questions.

What's included

  • Best-in-class automation software

  • SPRX.tax plugin tools

  • Hands on user training

  • Access to SPRX tax experts

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Billing occurs AFTER credits are computed

Trust us, we've done this before

Our team has a combined 40+ years of R&D credit experience.

Faster than traditional R&D processes
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Frequently Asked Questions

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